The Glorious Taste and Unique Aroma of INDIAN SUPER 1121 Long Grain Basmati Rice in the mighty are drawn from the vast goodness that nature has to offer. The Story of each grain of rice in a single bag of INDIAN SUPER 1121 Long Grain Basmati Rice starts there.

Golden Parboiled Basmati Rice

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XXL Long Grain Basmati Rice

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Parboiled Basmati Rice

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Why Indian Super

Welcome to Indian Super! We believe in doing the right thing for people. We are committed to producing rice that are organically grown, without chemicals, pesticides or preservatives. By joining hands with more than 75,000 registered organic farming families from across the globe, we provide the highest quality of pure, healthy and delicious organic rice...


High Quality

We, being a well-known name in the Agro industry takes every necessary initiative towards supplying best quality Basmati Rice.


Delicious Taste

Highly processed products, giving way to freshly milled whole grains rich in nutrients as well as taste.


Excellent Packaging

Indian Super strict compliance standards, the product adheres to the highest quality standards of processing and packaging.

Products We Offer

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Indian Super

Golden Parboiled

Indian Super


Indian Super

XXL Long Grain


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