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Brown Rice

Is it Good for Health?

Yes, Often Dieticians suggest us to nourish our diet with Brown Rice, So Let's understand

Nutritional Value of Brown Rice?

Brown Rice are high in carbohyrates with 1 to 3g fiber content Sugar content is barely 0.16g per serving, averaged with calcium, 2mg per serving.

Health Benefits of Brown Rice?

Yes, In Today's generation, the benfits of brown rice is highly advertised. Let us summarized it for you.

Gutt Health

Since gut has directly related to weight management as brown rice ease constipation and can lower your cholestrol level due to high fiber content. So, brown rice is one the optimal solution to weight loss woes.

Diabetes control

Brown Rice has low glycemic index(GI), It is not rise that sugar level and hence reducing the health of diabetes.

Heart Health

According to a study, it has been claim that eating more brown rice could reduce your risk of heart stroke by upto 22%.

Going Gluten Free

Going Gluten Free is new fashion trending these days. Gluten is a protein found in many grains for example, wheat, barley and Rye. Some people have gone glutten free to aid weight loss. Additionally people will auto-immune often get benefit from a gluten free diet. These factors have led to a growing demand for gluten free foods and so the brwon rice are naturally gluten free.