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Organic/Pesticide Free Rice

Organic rice is rice that is certified by an independent body, to have been grown and processed according to set “organic” standards


Eating organic rice offers additional health benefits. When compared with conventionally grown food crops, organic foods contain less pesticides and food additives, minimizing your exposure to harmful chemicals. Whole grain rice includes the outer husk of the rice and retains the maximum fiber content.

In addition to the potential health benefits of organic rice products, many businesses and consumers choose organically grown foods, including organic brown rice, for environmental reasons. Organic farming practices benefit the environment by reducing agricultural chemicals, conserving water, and reducing carbon footprint.

We make 100% Pesticide Free Rice, which consists of no adulterants, and are acclaimed for their rich taste and long grain size. Buyers can rely on our products, as they confirm to international quality norms and are trustworthy. Prominent amidst the leading Supplier; count on us to avail the finest Pesticide Free Rice.

Organic/Pesticide Free Rice We Offer