SHAH JAHAN The Best in class Taste and Authentic basmati Aroma of SHAH JAHAN 1121 Premium Creamy Parboiled Basmati Rice in the mighty are drawn from the vast goodness of the Himalayan foothills. The

Story of each grain of rice in a single bag of SHAH JAHAN 1121 Premium Creamy Parboiled Basmati Rice starts there.

Right from the start, our skilled professionals Monitor each and every step starting from procurement to packaging and put in quality enhancement methods wherein required. As a result, you will enjoy the unparalleled sensation of finest quality basmati rice with a delicate texture, taste, and aroma. Each morsel of your meal is imbued with a heavenly feeling thanks to Shahjahan rice.


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Shah Jahan


Why 1121 Premium Creamy Sella Basmati Rice?

Shah Jahan 1121 premium creamy sella basmati Rice is a perfectly textured natural Basmati Rice .This variety of rice is absolutely clean and has a beautiful lightful aroma. It’s premium quality makes it the best choice for all your fancy cuisine.It is a Versatile, fine, long-grained and perfectly textured Natural rice.When cooked, grains usually elongate to thrice their original raw size, and have a soft and have a firm and fluffy texture with almost no grains splitting .This Basmati rice is packed with nutritional benefits that benefit the human body in numerous ways.

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We offer quality, taste, consistency and convenience, all wrapped in a beautiful packaging. We offer our product bags only in Polly Pouch(Glossy) Material with 5KG size. We do have private labelling facility with possible customization of bags at buyer's demand. We give our best to make product packaging sturdy and reliable.

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